[rt-users] Help with a template

Joe Kirby kirby at umbc.edu
Tue Dec 1 17:21:39 EST 2015

I have a need to create a child ticket and pass on the values for a shared custom field.

This works fine when passing a field which is limited to 1 value however I now have a multi-value custom field and I cannot find any examples of how to pass the secondary values if they exist.

Here is my current template that brings the first value

Any help is appreciated



===Create-Ticket: DoIT-ITNM-OutReach
Subject: OutReach from: {$Tickets{'TOP'}->Subject}
Referred-To-By: {$Tickets{'TOP'}->Id}
Queue: 2234
InitialPriority: 99
FinalPriority: 99
Status: resolved
Requestor: {$Tickets{'TOP'}->RequestorAddresses}
AdminCc: {$Tickets{'TOP'}->Owner}
ITNM-Contact-Type: {$Tickets{'TOP'}->FirstCustomFieldValue('ITNM-Contact-Type')}
ITNM-Topic: {$Tickets{'TOP'}->FirstCustomFieldValue('ITNM-Topic')}
Content: The Online Learning team has performed an outreach and would like to track this for planning purposes. Please refer to the linked ticket for specific details.

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