[rt-users] script problem with ticket create.

Jeffrey Pilant jeffrey.pilant at bayer.com
Tue Dec 29 12:12:12 EST 2015

norman writes:
>I seem to be missing something.
>there is no "on correspond auto-reply to requester" script that i can 
>see, Only the script i laid out earlier.
>If i disable the following script, it fixes the issues but also disables 
>my aupo-reply on create.
>The script is laid out as follows with the code added that i had been 
>given earlier in this thread.
>Condition: "user defined", with the following code in the "custom 
>condition" box.

This makes me think your correspondence is going to the create address.
What are your mail aliases?
Do the comment/correspondent have the ticket # in the subject line?


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