[rt-users] INET6 - bug

Bill Cole rtusers-20090205 at billmail.scconsult.com
Tue Dec 29 20:28:54 EST 2015

On 29 Dec 2015, at 16:36, Marcelo Calado | TBS TAX Services wrote:

> Hi There,
> I've been having this error after the Fetchmail has flushed my mails:
> Subroutine IO::Socket::INET6::sockaddr_in6 redefined at
> /usr/share/perl5/Exporter.pm line 67.
> at /usr/share/perl5/IO/Socket/INET6.pm line 21.
> I googled around a bit and came across many solutions that classified 
> this
> as a bug and which was fixed in version 2.69.

None of that refers to anything that is part of RT. That's a version 
number for the *OBSOLETE* Perl module IO::Socket::INET6.

> Does anyone have the official fix for this? I've seen some blog posts 
> but
> would like to know the right way to go about fixing this.

Nothing should be using IO::Socket::INET6. It is abandoned (note 
https://bitbucket.org/shlomif/perl-io-socket-inet6/overview) and has 
been superseded by IO::Socket::IP. If you can't convert whatever is 
using it to use IO::Socket::IP, I guess you could upgrade to to the last 
version but it would be a bit like running Windows ME: no one else uses 
it *BECAUSE IT'S SHODDY*, no one cares about any bugs you might run 
into, and nothing else you want to run will accommodate the quirky 
exercise in inscrutable nostalgia.

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