[rt-users] INET6 - bug

Marcelo Calado | TBS TAX Services mcalado at tbstaxservices.com
Tue Dec 29 16:36:56 EST 2015

Hi There,

I've been having this error after the Fetchmail has flushed my mails: 
Subroutine IO::Socket::INET6::sockaddr_in6 redefined at
/usr/share/perl5/Exporter.pm line 67.
 at /usr/share/perl5/IO/Socket/INET6.pm line 21.

I googled around a bit and came across many solutions that classified this
as a bug and which was fixed in version 2.69. 

Does anyone have the official fix for this? I've seen some blog posts but
would like to know the right way to go about fixing this.

RT 4.2
Centos 6.7


Marcelo Calado.

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