[rt-users] changing ticket owner causes crash

Alexander Reintzsch Alexander.Reintzsch at netsystem.de
Thu Feb 5 07:37:03 EST 2015


I have a problem, which seems to exist for quite some time in request tracker.

Here an old description:

My Problem seems to be the same.

The user that is the owner of the ticket had been deactivated.
Afterwards the ticket had to get a new owner. 
I wanted to do this by changing the owner in the »People« menu of the ticket.
This failed.

The log showed:
[8647] [Thu Feb  5 12:24:19 2015] [warning]: Couldn't delete cached group submember 29891 (/opt/rt4/sbin/../lib/RT/GroupMember.pm:343)

The System became very slow and there were more and more apache processes running until all the memory including the swap was used and the system crashed.

Is there a way I can fix this?
And is there a way to change the owner of this ticket?
I cannot steal it and I cannot give the ticket to another user. Although I am root.



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