[rt-users] Any webinars that exist showing the articles functionality in RT?

Mike Johnson mike.johnson at nosm.ca
Mon Jan 5 09:59:54 EST 2015

As the subject line says, I'd love to see any recordings of how people
utilize the "Articles" functionality in RT. This was previously RTFM.

I am currently running 3.8.10, and am not able to do an upgrade right now.
I installed RTFM and fiddled around with it, but I can't really see a fluid
use of it, and I'm thinking I'm just simply missing the point... or
thinking it should be doing something that it doesn't.

Anyway, if anyone knows of a webinar, or demo of that portion of RT, could
you point me in the right direction?

I have a very hard time web searching for RT related content with the term
"articles", and well RTFM just brings up what I want to tell people when
they submit tickets to RT :P

Youtube has a handful of videos that are useful, but none that I've watched
so far (I've watched 1/2 of the 24 video playlist that pops up when

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