[rt-users] rt-importer (MySQL to PostgreSQL)

Bart bart at pleh.info
Thu Jan 8 04:11:18 EST 2015


We're currently testing the migration from MySQL towards PostgreSQL.

Serializing the data went pretty much as expected, took about 30 minutes to
After that we went ahead and prepared a PostgreSQL database for this test
and created the schemas/acls.
>From there we\ve started the rt-importer tool.

Now with the importer we've noticed it takes a very long time to finish.
Exporting took about 30 minutes (maybe even less if we give the VM more
resources) but importing takes about 6 hours.....

>From monitoring the resources we;ve noticed that the importer only uses 30%
CPU of 1 core (4 cores available) and only 20% memory (4GB available).
Compared to the serializer this is nearly nothing (serialzizer uses allot
more CPU and nearly all memory).

Also, the postgres server is nearly idle. Only one process using 20% CPU of
1 core (16 available) and nearly no memory (64GB available). On top of
that, the disk IO is nearly nothing. So basically the DB server doesn't do
a thing (or so it seems).

Are there ways to speed up the rt-importer process???

Bart G.
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