[rt-users] a few trivial questions about tickets

Luca Ferrari fluca1978 at infinito.it
Thu Jan 15 06:07:40 EST 2015

Hi all,
first of all I'm using rt just from a few weeks, and I find it great.
I come from 2+ years of redmine usage, so apologize me if the
questions are trivial, but I'm not able to find the right answer in
the documentation.

I've added a few custom fields to my ticket definition, for example
"git commit", but I'm able to see the custom fields only when creating
a ticket or editing in jumbo mode. I cannot see them for instance when
resolving a ticket (i.e., Action->Resolv), which for some of them
makes much more sense.
Therefore, taking "git commit" as an example, is there a way to tie
such field to appear only when a specific action is executed against a

Moreover, is there any progress meter to attach to tickets or should I
define it as custom field?

Last question: is there a short way to place a named saved search in a
menu or on the dashboard so that I can launch it quickly without
having to go to Search->Tickets->New Search? What I'd like to do is
the quick switch between open tickets and all tickets to see also
resolved ones.

Thanks for the time.

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