[rt-users] Interface customization of a new case (Ticket create.html)

Marcos Orallo m_orallo at yahoo.es
Thu Jan 15 16:18:25 EST 2015

Hi Marisol,

It sounds like you didn't delete the Mason cache, usually in
You can follow the instructions here:

Also, to prevent your changes to be overwritten by RT updates in the
future, you would probably want to implement your changes as a local file.
You have to copy *Create.html* from /opt/rt4/share/html/Ticket/ to /opt/rt4/
RT will always load the local files instead of the default ones. More info
here: http://requesttracker.wikia.com/wiki/CustomizingWithLocalDir


2015-01-15 20:16 GMT+01:00 Marisol Rojas <mrojas at tekprovider.net>:

> Hi
> Good Day, I am writing because we are testing with RT to begin to implement
> it in the company, but we are looking at the possibility of using code to
> change the arrangement of the interface discharge of a new case. According have
> identified the file to modify is located in the Ticket / create.html,
> which we have made changes to the text, but to save the file or overwrite the
> file and enter the RT implementing the modifications made are not
> displayed.
> So what we want to see if they can guide us in how is the proper way to
> make changes to the code and see it reflected in the web interface of RT,
> and if there is any way to bind options for a custom field with a field other
> than custom and preset at RT.
> In advance thank you, we wait for your reply.
> Greetings !!
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