[rt-users] setting a password for a user

Boris Epstein borepstein at gmail.com
Thu Jan 15 22:27:27 EST 2015

Hello all,

I am a user who has administrative privileges within my RT installation.
That is usually enough but now an situation has come up that I need to
alter an RT password for a user and it has turned out that I need to do
that but can't - at least not easily.

Here is a discussion I found on the topic:


So it looks like I need to either create/activate user "root" and create a
password for that user (not sure exactly how to do that) or I need to
change my own password - why should I?

At any rate, any insight into what the logic is behind things being this
way would be very helpful. Same for practical advice on how to set things
up in such a way that admin users can modify other users' passwords by
default though the web GUI.

Thanks in advance.


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