[rt-users] Creating Tickets in RT with a redirected email

Jeff Smith jsmith at hoosiercancer.org
Wed Jul 29 18:40:11 EDT 2015

I've also opened a support ticket with Microsoft to see if they can strip the header at the Exchange level.  Not terribly hopeful.

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On 29-7-2015 1:12, Jeff Smith wrote:
Thanks for your insight.

I've looked at the headers from one of the messages and I cannot find anything related to bulk preference (literally, a string search cannot find "bulk" anywhere in the headers), but I do have a line "RT-Squelch-Replies-To" which is populated with the sender's address.

I've so far been unable to find anywhere I can disable this.

Further suggestions?

Searching through the source of rt-4.2.5 I had lying around I came across RedistributeAutoGeneratedMessages. What is this config parameter set to in RT_Config.pm and more importantly RT_SiteConfig.pm?
Its indicating that it shouldn't redistribute messages to unprivilged users.

What might be helpful too is headers captured at the Exchange level and again at the RT level. Maybe somebody will spot the problem.


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