[rt-users] HTTP::Response=HASH(0xb1b9b68)okok Error from rt-mailgate doesn't appear to be an error

Aaron C. de Bruyn aaron at heyaaron.com
Tue Jun 2 02:30:00 EDT 2015

Tickets are coming into the system multiple times.

When I look at the Postfix queue, I see messages queued up for retry like:

-Queue ID- --Size-- ----Arrival Time---- -Sender/Recipient-------
64A8227        1915 Mon Jun  1 22:48:12  aaron at heyaaron.com
(temporary failure. Command output: RT server error.  The RT server
which handled your email did not behave as expected. It said:
HTTP::Response=HASH(0xb1b9b68)okok Ticket: 1118 Queue: support Owner:
Nobody Status: new Subject: test Requestor: aaron at heyaaron.com)
                                         support at xxxx.com

-- 2 Kbytes in 1 Request.

The response from rt-mailgate looks like it successfully created the
ticket (and I can see ticket 1118 in RT).

Looking through the rt-mailgate code around line 238, it checks for
the response 'ok' or 'not ok' starting at the beginning of the
response.  In this case, it looks like there is
'HTTP::Response-HASH....' at the beginning of the response.  Any idea
where that's coming from?


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