[rt-users] Configuring fetchmail to poll emails to respective queues.

Landon Stewart lstewart at iweb.com
Tue Jun 2 15:41:43 EDT 2015

> On Jun 2, 2015, at 9:12 AM, Rohit Gupta <rohit.gupta at syncoms.co.uk> wrote:
> Dear All,
> I have configured new queue with ‘IT Support’ and configured want that any emails coming to ithelpdesk at syncoms.co.uk <mailto:ithelpdesk at syncoms.co.uk> should be fetched into this new queue. The snapshot of the new queue:
> <image001.png>
> So far, everything is running fine and emails are been received in the ‘general’ queue. Now what do I need to do in order to configure rt such that any emails coming to ithelpdesk at syncoms.co.uk <mailto:ithelpdesk at syncoms.co.uk> comes in IT Support queue. As per few blogs they are saying to add in /etc/aliases . can you please suggest as what do I need to do – if I have to enter into the /etc/aliases then how my configuration will look like?
>  At the moment, /etc/aliases is:
> <image002.png>
>  And /etc/fetchmailrc:
>  <image003.png>
> Also, I have tried changing the –queue general to –queue ‘it support’ but it didn’t work. Infact this time the requestor is receiving a mailer demon error message.
> Please suggest. Thanks

Hi Rohit,

Since you are using fetchmail to get the mail and deliver it you do not need to modify your aliases.

Your —queue option is incorrect in your fetchmail configuration.  Use the name of the queue here.  Since it has spaces you'll have to use quotation marks.

…./rt-mailgate —queue "IT Support" —action correspond …etc...

Also -
Set your comment address to something else like (ithelpdesk-comments at syncoms.co.uk <mailto:ithelpdesk-comments at syncoms.co.uk>).  Setup another POP3 mailbox for that address.  Add that configuration to fetchmailrc but instead of using "correspond" for the action use "comment".

If the sender gets an email back instead of the email being created in the queue make sure you find out what it's saying back to them.  Also make sure you check:
- the fetchmail output (try running fetchmail manually in the foreground with verbose output)
- the RT log (usually /opt/rt4/var/log/rt.log)

Since this is a newly created queue it could be that everyone simply doesn't have permission to create tickets in the new queue.  Hard to say without more information.

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