[rt-users] Notification sent to requestor even when squelched

Marcos Orallo m_orallo at yahoo.es
Mon Jun 22 13:10:50 EDT 2015

Hi all,

I manage an RT 4.2.11 deployment using Debian Wheezy, Apache 2.2, mod_fcgid

Today we had a very concerning issue regarding a notification being sent to
a requestor even when it had been explicitly unchecked in the recipients
list. At first I didn't believe the user, but then I found this in the log:

Jun 22 11:29:08RT:[user.info<14>] [6157]
<rt-4.2.11-6157-1434965348-1424.4519-59-0 at rtdomain.com>
requestor at address.com is blacklisted by notification checkboxes for
this transaction. Skipping
> Jun 22 11:29:55RT:[user.info<14>] [6145] <rt-4.2.11-6145-1434965395-786.4519-59-0 at rtdomain.com> #4519/69938 - Scrip 59 On Correspond from web Notify Requestor and Ccs
> Jun 22 11:29:56RT:[user.info<14>] [6145] <rt-4.2.11-6145-1434965395-786.4519-59-0 at rtdomain.com> sent  To: requestor at address.com
You can see that the requestor address was unchecked, but he was notified
anyway. The notificatoin script uses a custom condition to just send the
notification when using the web interface, with the possibility of
squelching recipients manually. The default behaviour (implicit
notification to all requestors even for correspondence by mail) was
confusing for my team mates.

The only odd thing I can see in the log is that the "Blacklisted" and the
"sent to ..." entries are written by two different perl processes (PID 6157
and 6145 respectively). That didn't happen when I tried to reproduce the
issue (with no success).
Does anyone know if that's normal in mod_fcgid? Could it be the cause of
the problem?

It's a big problem for us if we cannot fully trust the platform to not
spread confidential information to unintended recipients.

Thank you in advance,

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