[rt-users] RT 4.2.10: Renumber imported tickets -- solved

Joop jvdwege at xs4all.nl
Tue Jun 30 14:42:35 EDT 2015

On 30-6-2015 17:06, Jeffrey Pilant wrote:
> Joop wrote:
>> On 29-6-2015 2:26, Jeffrey Pilant wrote:
>>> Joop wrote:
>>>> On 26-6-2015 19:52, Jeffrey Pilant wrote:
>>>>> I am trying to import data from RT 3.8.4 into RT 4.2.10.
>>>>> I first tried to update in place, but that failed.  [Ancient version
>>>>> of Ubuntu (9.10, current LTS 14) with ancient Perl and ancient Apache.]
>>>>> I next did a clean install on SUSE (12.2, 64bit), which worked.
>>>>> Now I need to add the old data.
>>>>> I updated the old database by the following steps:
>>>>>             make upgrade-database
>>>>>             /opt/rt4/etc/upgrade/upgrade-articles
>>>>>             /opt/rt4/sbin/rt-validator --check
>>>>>             /opt/rt4/sbin/rt-serializer
>>>>>             /opt/rt4/sbin/rt-importer <ExportedDataDirectory>
>>>> You can import a mysql export from the old version into the new database
>>>> and then follow the upgrade instruction.
>>>> So:
>>>> - install new system, install RT according to the installation manual if
>>>> you want to check if all is functional also run make initdb. If that
>>>> works, make dropdb, import the old data and following the upgrade
>>>> instructions paying attention to the fact that you're using mysql. My
>>>> memory says that you need some additional steps besides make
>>>> upgrade-database.
>>> The upgrade-articles is the succeeding step I think you are thinking of.
>>> While I did not do "make dropdb", I did "drop database rt4" in mysql,
>>> followed by "create database rt4", "use rt4", and "source <old-db-mysqldump>".
>>> This let the RT4 tools access the old data, allowing the upgrade-database
>>> and upgrade-articles.  
>> Sofar its OK. Your RT instance is usable from here.
>>> The serializer exported the data to a neutral xml format.  I then reset
>>> the database back to the clean-install's version I had previously saved.
>>> This loaded the old data into the new database, but changed the ticket numbers.
>> Why the export, reset, import?
>> There is, sofar as I know, nothing in the upgrade instructions that
>> tells you to do this.
> When the initial upgrade-in-place failed, I did not trust the database
> was properly updated.  So I used the export/import to make sure I had
> good data.
> Following your suggestion of not doing that, the data seems OK, although
> I still have lingering doubts.  Especially as I get these messages in the
> Update from /opt/rt4/etc/upgrade/upgrade-articles:
> * [critical]: Can't locate object method "new" via package "RT::FM::Article"
> *             (perhaps you forgot to load "RT::FM::Article"?) at
> *             lib/RT/Transaction.pm line 1352. (lib/RT.pm:388)
> * Can't locate object method "new" via package "RT::FM::Article" (perhaps you
> * forgot to load "RT::FM::Article"?) at lib/RT/Transaction.pm line 1352.
> I went into mysql to change the existing "RT::FM::Article" entries into
> "RT::Article", as this seems to be what it was doing.  I don't know if
> it needed to make any other changes after this point.
Have a look at the upgrade-articles script and see if other things might
be missing. From the above it looks like the 'update links' step didn't
work out OK.


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