[rt-users] Queues, surveys for agents, and forms

Geico Caveman one.geico.caveman at gmail.com
Mon May 4 09:55:24 EDT 2015

I have not yet deployed RT, and am spending time studying it before I do so.

There are many questions at this stage, but beyond what I have found in the

1. Is there some documentation on how to set up multiple queues? Our
university has several different offices that need separate queues, and
while allusions are made to queues and associated lifecycles, I could not
find much on how to set up independent queues in the first place.

2. We plan to use user surveys on each ticket to generate performance
information on agents. Typically, each ticket will be handled by multiple
agents. Is there a way for the customer to give different ratings to
different agents?

3. How do I set up forms for common tasks?

I realize that I need to go deeper into the documentation (and I have to a
first pass, read all that is included the user manual for 4.2.10, so simply
RTFM will not be a helpful response), but I find myself faced with these
unaddressed questions.

Please bear with a newbie here and feel free to point me to the right

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