[rt-users] How to attach attachment (file) to outgoing mail?

Bartosz Maciejewski b.maciejewski at agriplus.pl
Thu May 14 08:56:15 EDT 2015

Hi list,

I have problem with sending attachments when replying from RT, and
sending attachments from scrip.

I have two questions here:

1. Is it possible when replaying to initial mail that created ticket to
attach all attachments that came with it?

2. How I can choose in scrip First/Last/All attachments to be attached
to outgoing mail when condition is valid?

I'm using latest 4.2.11 with HTML Templates.

Also, when replying to message that have pasted screenshot (inline
image?), I can see it in RT editor, and it is shown in mail received in
Thunderbird, but when received in Outlook, there is only icon with red X
instead of actual immage. Is it known bug or limitation with Outlook or
something can be tweaked for Outlook to show correct images?

Thank You for any hints, because I spent two days searching for solution
and found nothing that can lead me even one step closer to solution.

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