[rt-users] Change RT email address

Loïc Cadoret lcadoret at keyyo.com
Mon May 18 06:31:06 EDT 2015

Hi Richard,

What email adress would you like to change ? Is it the one used by a 
queue when commenting or responding to a ticket or the one used by RT 
system ?

For the first part of my answer, check out in the queue configuration 
directly in the WebUI, for the second part, check out the  
RT_SiteConfig.pm file and the Set($SendmailArguments and the 
Set($FriendlyToLineFormat, lines.

Hope it helps,


Loic Cadoret
IT Technician

Le 14/05/2015 18:39, ripache at gmail.com a écrit :
> Good day to all:
> I am in the need to change the email address which RT works with. The 
> email which receives and send the email. Can some one provide 
> information on how to do so?
> RT 4.0.7 on Debian.
> -- 
> Richard Pacheco

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