[rt-users] Change RT email address

Loïc Cadoret lcadoret at keyyo.com
Mon May 18 07:15:52 EDT 2015

Yes RT_SiteConfig.pm sorry, it was what wanted to say ;)

Loic Cadoret
IT Technician

Le 18/05/2015 13:04, Jaime Kikpole a écrit :
> There is a regular expression in RT_Config.pm.  Look for it, read the directions, and then make any needed adjustments in RT_SiteConfig.pm (not RT_Config.pm.)  Make sure that it matches the new email address and the old one.  It's important that it handle both, so that you can account for both existing and new tickets.
> Also, make sure that the old address forwards messages to the new one.  Otherwise, when end users reply to an old ticket via email, it won't get processed properly.
> I've done this twice since I started using RT back in 2001.  RT can definitely handle it if you have a decent email server that can handle forwarding, etc.
> Jaime

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