[rt-users] RT- unable to fetch emails from our office 365 account.

Rohit Gupta rohit.gupta at syncoms.co.uk
Fri May 29 08:12:51 EDT 2015


I am new to Request tracker installation and have followed the installation instructions from the following links:

1)      http://binarynature.blogspot.co.uk/2013/10/install-request-tracker-4-on-ubuntu-server.html

2)      https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Request%20Tracker

but I am unable to fetch any emails from our office 365 account and the fetchmail.log is showing the following error message  (snapshot attached)
500 Can't connect to request.domain.com:443 (certificate verify failed)

It seems like rt-mailgate cannot verify the ssl certificate. I have also attached the snapshot of the fetchmailrc file.

I have read this article, http://lists.bestpractical.com/pipermail/rt-users/2012-January/074546.html but would request to give more detailed resolution for the issue. Much appreciated.


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