[rt-users] Automatically adding CC from mails to Watchers/CC in ticket

Primoz Jeroncic primoz at softnet.si
Mon Nov 2 06:01:25 EST 2015

Hi guys

I went through the archives, but still somehow I can't manage to get
this to work, so I would appreciate some help and patience :)

We have clients, who open ticket via e-mail, and all works fine, except
that some clients open ticket from their personal e-mail (which becomes
"owner" of the ticket/requestor), and they put their group mail as cc.
Now if I want replies to go automatically to requestor (to his personal
mail, from which they opened ticket) and also to their group mail, I
need to add this group mail under each ticket (People->Add new watchers)
by hand.
As this is time consuming, and I'm not by machine checking this 24/7, to
be able to add them by hand, I was hoping there could be way for RT to
add these CC addresses from original mail which opened the new ticket,
as watchers (as CC:) in RT ticket automatically.

I saw few replies in archive, about creating script under particular
queue with following data:
Condition: On create
Action: Notify CCs
Template: Global template: Transaction
Stage: TransactionCreate

I tried this, but it doesn't really do what I would like to. Is there
any other (proper) way to achieve this and have RT adding CCs from mail
automatically also to Ticket's CC?

PS: We are running 4.0.6, but I hope that's not going to be issue.

Thanks for help!
Primoz Jeroncic
Support - IP Connectivity & Routing
Softnet d.o.o.                       |
Borovec 2       tel: +386 1 8100100  | The longer I run,
SI-1236 Trzin   primoz(at)softnet.si | the smaller the
Slovenia        http://www.softnet.si| problems become.

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