[rt-users] Unable to create scrips in RT 4.2.12

Parish, Brent bparish at cognex.com
Tue Nov 10 21:53:45 EST 2015

Good catch!

I'm sure other people have better ways to do this, but this is what works for me in our environment:

First I copy the original RT file into the local/  directory tree (per standard RT modification practices).
But I make two copies there - one is named with a ".orig" file extension.

The .orig file is a copy of the original Tabs file (at the time I modified it, lets say version 4.0.9.
After I run an upgrade (e,g, to 4.2.12), I first do a 'diff' on the Tabs.orig (remember, that is 4.0.9) against the new Tabs (4.2.12).
If the files are the same (no changes in the new version of RT), I keep my changed Tabs file as-is.
If there are changes in the new rev, I must manually merge my changes into it.
(and then copy the new version (original) as the new Tabs.orig, ready for the next upgrade).

A nice side effect of this is that I can run a 'find' command after each upgrade for *.orig, to ensure I am merging all code changes.

Just my 2 cents.

-          Brent

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The previous admin had made some customizations to the Tabs file.  It looks like some internal URL plumbing changed between 4.0.9 and 4.2.12, and the URLs specified in the menu pointed to bad locations.

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Subject: [rt-users] Unable to create scrips in RT 4.2.12

Good afternoon,
I recently inherited a RT installation.  After upgrading our test system to 4.2.12 I am unable to create scrips, either locally or for a specific queue.  I get a standard "An internal error has occurred" message from the web UI, and the following in syslog:

[17510] Can't call method "Queue" on an undefined value at /opt/rt4/sbin/../lib/RT/Scrip.pm line 450.#012#012Stack:#012  [/opt/rt4/sbin/../lib/RT/Scrip.pm:450]#012

I have verified that the undefined value is $args{'TicketObj'} in the Stage function in Scrip.pm, but haven't gotten any further.  I'll be greatful for any suggestions.
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