[rt-users] Action: Extract Custom Field Values - RT don't show me this option

Marcelo Calado | TBS TAX Services mcalado at tbstaxservices.com
Mon Nov 16 17:17:44 EST 2015

Hello Everyone!


By following the instructions to install the "ExtractCustomFieldValues" 


And that:



I've installed the package on RT 4.09 ; 


Created a custom field "Mobile Phone" ; 


Created a template "Extract Custom Field Values", type "Simple" + content:
Mobile Phone|Body|Mobile Phone->(.+)$|q  on My Queue


At this point .....works fine!


When I tried to create the Scrip, I can't see the Action "Extract Custom
Field Valeus" 


Description: ExtractCF 
Condition: On Create 
Action: (Extract Custom Field Values ) ?????? I can't see..:L
Template: Global template: CustomFieldExtract 
Stage: TransactionCreate 

Any ideas? 


On RT_Config.pm:


Set(@Plugins, qw(RT::Extension::SummaryByUser RT::Extension::CommandByMail


Set(@MailPlugins, qw(Auth::MailFrom Filter::TakeAction));


Looking into /var/log/syslog, I have nothing!



Marcelo Calado.

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