[rt-users] RT unusably slow on iPhone / TLS

Chris Herrmann chrisherrmann7 at gmail.com
Wed Nov 25 04:31:35 EST 2015

hi all,

I'm really not sure where to start troubleshooting this. If I use a
computer to access our RT instance, then the speed is good. If I use any
iPhone, then the speed is terrible. 6S/5S/4S iOS7/8/9 - all terrible. By
terrible - I mean that the front page might take 10 seconds to load. If I
tap the username field, it might take a further 10 seconds before I can
enter text. Each and every tap / submit / etc is unusably slow. The key is
a 2048 RSA which should be OK on an iphone.

It *feels* like a site that's using horrible javascript, making the browser
unresponsive. But on an iPhone I really have no way of testing this (well
that I'm aware of).

We're running it on nginx, TLS, self signed cert - signed by an internal CA
that is trusted by the phone. I've tried things ranging from spdy (html/2
not supported on iphone), loading the pem with all of the certs in the
chain, enabling caching of static objects - no difference.

Just to be clear - it's fast on a regular PC / browser. Just slow on phones
(mobile & regular interface) - slow regardless of location (i.e. wifi in
the office to the server, 4G... no difference).

any ideas where I should look? or what do i need to tell you... to try and
get help?


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