[rt-users] Migration from MySQL to PostreSQL - corrupt characters (german umlaut)

Maik Nergert maik.nergert at uni-hamburg.de
Thu Oct 8 07:44:35 EDT 2015

I found an older post on the PostgreSQL mailinglist with same problems 

And I was able to fix the issue by dumping and re-importing the db!

# Create empty PG-DB
rt-setup-database --action create,schema,acl --dba rt_user 
--dba-password DBPASS

# Run importer
rt-importer PATH

# Run Update-Pg-Sequences Script 

# Dump DB as latin1
pg_dump -E LATIN1 rt4 > rt4latin.sql

# Replace client_encoding
sed -i 's/LATIN1/UTF8/' rt4latin.sql

# Recreate empty DB
rt-setup-database --action drop --dba rt_user --dba-password DBPASS
rt-setup-database --action create,schema,acl --dba rt_user 
--dba-password DBPASS

# Import DB
psql rt4 < rt4latin.sql

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