[rt-users] Ticket Links missing post upgrade/conversion to Oracle 4.2.11.

Aaron Guise aaron at guise.net.nz
Thu Oct 22 05:42:59 EDT 2015

Hi Greg,

This certainly sounds like a mismatch as Maik suggested.   This happens
when I refresh my test/dev instance of RT from production also.

I then run the rt-validator over the database and this corrects all the
mismatched links.  This is needed as I use the server hostname as the
Organization and this does differ between environments.

I simply import the database and then execute /opt/rt4/sbin/rt-validator
--check --resolve --force

Once that is completed all ticket links are working again.


*Aaron Guise*

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On Wed, Oct 14, 2015 at 3:23 AM, Hummer, Greg <Greg_Hummer at sra.com> wrote:

> Good morning, Maik.
> My technical team checked our production RT and found the $organization
> variable. It appeared to be correct, however, they were unsure what you
> meant when you said (*It must fit to the values of field "base" and
> "target" in table "links"*)*.*
> Can you provide more directions on what you meant? The more specific you
> can be, the better it would be for my non-Request Tracker DBA's.
> Some additional information: we have a stage server that is currently
> running the same version of request tracker (4.2.11 Oracle). It is a copy
> of our production database from a few months ago. It is showing the ticket
> links and has the same $Organization variable as the production account.
> Thanks for the help!
> Greg
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> Hey Greg,
> please check if your $Organization variable is set in RT_SiteConfig.pm
> It must fit to the values of field "base" and "target" in table "links"
> If your code snipped is correct then
> Set( $Organization, 'example.com' );
> best
> Maik
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