[rt-users] RT creates CLOSE_WAITS

Asanka Gunasekera asanka_gunasekera at yahoo.co.uk
Fri Oct 30 03:48:34 EDT 2015

Hi thank you for the reply, I am using mod_perl

Best Regards

On Thu, 29/10/15, Bill Cole <rtusers-20090205 at billmail.scconsult.com> wrote:

 Subject: Re: [rt-users] RT creates CLOSE_WAITS
 To: rt-users at lists.bestpractical.com
 Date: Thursday, 29 October, 2015, 2:05
 On 28 Oct 2015, at 4:07,
 Asanka Gunasekera wrote:
 > Hi
 all I have been struggling with this CLOSE_WAITS.
 > I have an Request
 Tracker installed on CEntOS 6.7 (64 bit) RT 
 > rt-4.2.12 and Apache httpd-2.2.31. I can
 log in and all, but after a 
 > while I am
 seeing CLOSE_WAIT socket are created for each selection 
 > that I make on the dashboard. Eventually
 the system goes unresponsive.
 > root at iplrt logs]# netstat
 -nalp | grep -i wait
 > tcp 1 0 CLOSE_WAIT
 > tcp 1 0 CLOSE_WAIT 3177/httpd
 > tcp 1 0 CLOSE_WAIT 3185/httpd
 > tcp 1 0 CLOSE_WAIT 3365/httpd
 > [root at iplrt logs]#
 > I don't see any
 errors in the logs! I have downgraded both RT and 
 > Apache with no luck and I am STUCK no ware
 to goooooo
 > Can
 some one tell me how to go about diagnosing this
 What interface are you using
 to run RT via Apache? (Possible answers: 
 mod_fastcgi, mod_fcgid, mod_perl 1.x, mod_perl
 That is important
 because a CLOSE_WAIT state indicates that the OS is 
 waiting on a local process (in this case
 multiple Apache httpd 
 processes) to
 recognize that the socket has been closed on the other end
 and call close() itself. The Apache core
 doesn't have that problem much, 
 so the
 issue is most likely lurking in whatever module is loaded
 the httpd process to handle running RT
 (my bet is that
 you're running a slightly broken mod_perl, but I'm
 biased by bad experiences...)

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