[rt-users] Due dates

Joop jvdwege at xs4all.nl
Fri Apr 15 09:27:18 EDT 2016

On 15-4-2016 10:15, Sally Ainsley wrote:
> Hi
> We have managed this by setting up different SLAs for different queues.
> It was really fiddly and took lots of trial and error but we now have 5
> different sets of SLAS - we have default 1 and default 2 which apply to the
> majority of our Queues and then I have 3 bespoke ones.  
> Each SLA set has a different set of "business hours" and 4 or 5 SLA levels.
> Each level sets a due date based on the business or real hours defined
> within the SLA level.
> We have 5 SLA custom fields each with the defined SLA levels -each Custom
> field has to be called "SLA" but then within each we have different names
> for the levels defined the thing you have to ensure is that each SLA level
> has a unique name.   We define the correct SLA for each QUEUE set by
> allocating the relevant SLA Custom Field.
> Does that help - or do you need to see some examples?
> Sally
Now that you shouldn't have offered :-)

Could you post an example, I'm interested in something like that and I'm
trying to get managment interested in changing bad habits :-)



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