[rt-users] Show Ticket Message in Search/Results.html

David Schmidt david.schmidt at univie.ac.at
Mon Apr 25 03:58:16 EDT 2016

On 25.04.2016 08:49, Christian Loos wrote:
> Am 25.04.2016 um 08:46 schrieb David Schmidt:
>> Another path that looks weird to me is:
>> "local/Callbacks/YourOrg/Elements/RT__Ticket/ColumnMap/Once"
>> shouldnt that be
>> "local/Callbacks/YourOrg/Elements/RT/Ticket/ColumnMap/Once"
> Arg ... I missed this, this must be
> "local/html/Callbacks/YourOrg/Elements/RT__Ticket/ColumnMap/Once"
> Chris

Hey Chris, thanks for your help.

After a bit of debugging these appear to be the correct locations:


I'll wrap everything up in an extension and put it on github.


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