[rt-users] Importing ticketing data into the RT SQL database

Parish, Brent bparish at cognex.com
Wed Apr 27 13:05:48 EDT 2016

Hi Dave

I would strongly recommend against importing ticket data directly into the RT database, I sincerely doubt you will end up with anything usable!
There are a myriad of internal references (very normalized table structure, as I’m sure you saw).

There may be better ways to do it, but when I had to  shift tickets from two different support tools into RT I wrote an importer to do it.
The importer used RT’s command line interface to push the old systems into RT, one ticket at a time.
That way, RT creates all the requisite references, objects, etc.

As to adding your own fields to the RT database, I cannot answer that, sorry!

-          Brent

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I'm about to import a large amount of ticketing data into the RT SQL database. I spotted three sections in the SQL db (objectcustomfieldvalues, attachments, tickets) to import the data to. Since I'm unfamiliar with the db backend, can I generate any of my own set of identifiers as long as they aren't duplicate of the identifiers that are already present in the SQL db?

Thanks in advance,
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