[rt-users] Change ticket queue without SeeQueue

Thomas Oddsund thomas.oddsund at usit.uio.no
Tue Aug 23 09:20:08 EDT 2016


In our RT-instance the group "Everyone" has the following three rights on almost all queues: CreateTicket, ReplyToTicket, SeeQueue.

Some experimenting points to the following:
CreateTicket is the only one needed to move a ticket from queue A to queue B. The only problem being that queue B won't show up in the list of queues, and for the user it will appear as though they moved a ticket from queue A to blank.
SeeQueue only grants access to see that there is indeed a queue called B.

So, if users in queue A knows the name of queue B, and can write it correctly in the queue-field in a ticket, you only need to grant everyone "CreateTicket". If they need to see the name of queue B as well, grant everyone "SeeQueue" as well. The right "ShowTicket" seems to be where the magic is, in terms of users being able to view a specific ticket or any ticket in a queue.

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Thomas Oddsund
University of Oslo

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Working on some permissions I am attempting to allow a user to move a ticket from their queue to another queue.

They have full general rights on queue A and I would like as few rights as possible on queue B.  To make this possible I had to enable SeeQueue on queue B for the group the user is in.

Is there a way to not allow the user to view the queue but still allow the user to move the New unowned ticket from queue A to queue B?


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