[rt-users] Using DBI for DB2 connection in scripts?

Alex Hall ahall at autodist.com
Tue Dec 27 16:54:59 EST 2016

Hello list,
I've just gotten a DSN to our iSeries working on the same server that hosts
RT. Next, I'll be making a script to auto-set a custom field with a value
pulled from that iSeries based on another field. This way, for instance,
you can make a ticket with the order number in a CF, and the customer rep
gets added to the ticket. The rep comes from the iSeries.

What I'm wondering is whether the DBI module in RT can already do this? Can
I give it a DSN and some SQL, then get the results? Or do I need to install
a separate database Perl module and use that? I know next to nothing about
Perl, let alone how to use it to talk to databases, so this may be a stupid
question. Still, I thought it worth asking; if the DB module that RT
already uses can do this, there's no need to install another one. Side
note: if anyone has ever dealt with DB2 from Perl in RT before, any other
suggestions or warnings you can offer will be appreciated. Thanks.

Alex Hall
Automatic Distributors, IT department
ahall at autodist.com
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