[rt-users] assigning a ticket to a group

user1437 at QET.BE user1437 at QET.BE
Thu Jan 7 05:07:46 EST 2016

Hi all,

I just installed RTIR 4.4 (I know its rc) on ubuntu server 14.04 LTS
But wanted to get a head start ;)
We’ve been using stir for several years now without problems.

But recently the need has risen to assign tickets to groups instead of people or queues.
Is this possible in the new RTIR?

Because I’ve been searching the net, the archives of best practical, and trying to implement it but can’t get an exclusive answer about this.

It feels to me that assigning tickets to queues instead of groups seems a kind of bypass because assign gin to groups is not possible…
Maybe I’m not looking the right way into how a ticket process flow should be/work in stir.

Kind regards,


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