[rt-users] View dashboard of another user who's searches depend on __CurrentUser__

Woody - Wild Thing Safaris woody at wildthingsafaris.com
Mon Jan 25 12:29:20 EST 2016

HI Sally,

Thanks for your input.

My overall goal is to make it easy for another team member to take over 
another's work while they are away. Since each person is using the same 
dashboard all based on __CurrentUser__, only someone logged in as user X 
can see user X's tickets.

Your idea of using OwnerGroup has given me an idea of a possible 
solution  - I create an identical dashboard but based on OwnerGroup and 
not __CurrentUser__ where OwnerGroup = "holiday" and if someone is away, 
I add them to the group holiday, in which case their tickets will be 
visible in that dashboard.

Where it's going to fail though is with the LastUpdated != "__CurrentUser__"
I can't replace that __CurrentUser__ with OwnerGroup. It would need to 
be '__privileged__ ' or LastUpdated = '__Requestor__' or something, or i 
list all the users of the queue in a long LastUpdated != "fred" AND 
Lastupdated !="jane" etc.

thanks for the inspiration and if you have any ideas about the 
LastUpdated - that would be great!


On 21/01/16 16:43, Sally Ainsley wrote:
> Hi Woody
> Not sure what your overall goal is however I have put our staff into GROUPS based on the teams they are in.
> We then have searches that are for _CurrentUser_ as well as other searches that are based on OWNERGROUP = xxxxx.
> We then have saved searches visible to each GROUP so that they can see tickets assigned to their team - this means that if a member of staff if off others in that team can pick up the work.  Works well when team managers are away also.
> Not sure if this helps
> Sally
> Sally Ainsley
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> Subject: [rt-users] View dashboard of another user who's searches depend on __CurrentUser__
> Hi all,
> I have a dashboard, in which there are searches that depend on __CurrentUser__, so each user that accesses the dashboard can only see tickets owned by them.
> If someone is away, i would like someone else to be able to see the dashboard of the absent person. I don't want to give them the absent user's login, nor do i want to create searches for each user that are hardwired to their username.
> Something likewww.myrt.com/dashboards/12345/Dashname/Username  would do the job whereby __CurrentUser__ is replaced by "Username" and not the person who's actually logged in.
> I can see in lib/RT/Tickets.pm in sub _parser the line
>           # replace __CurrentUser__ with id
>           $value = $self->CurrentUser->id if $value eq '__CurrentUser__';
> and in lib/RT/Search/Simple.pm
> sub HandleOwner     {
>       if (!$_[2] and $_[1] eq "me") {
>           return owner => "Owner.id = '__CurrentUser__'";
>       }
>       elsif (!$_[2] and $_[1] =~ /\w+@\w+/) {
>           return owner => "Owner.EmailAddress = '$_[1]'";
>       } else {
>           return owner => "Owner = '$_[1]'";
>       }
> }
> So i think that a hack is needed somewhere there, and when the url is parsed the extra username field assigned to a variable that can be used in those subs. I can't find however where sub HandleOwner is called from since that's the only time it appears in the code!
> Does this sound like a sensible way of going about it, or can anyone think of a better solution, or know of an existing one?
> thanks in advance
> Woody.



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