[rt-users] Queue drop down list not being populated for users other than root

Dumitru Catalin d.i.catalin at gmail.com
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Give the user or usergoup privileges on that queue, for that select your queue and go to user or group rights tab.

Make sure your user its the privileged user.

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I have a new installation of rt42 that I am setting up under FreeBSD. Setup and install went seamlessly, but there is a problem.


I set it up and created a user. When I first logged in as that user, the “General” default queue was showing up in queue ticket creation for the users.

I was getting the cross reference error because I was starting at the command line running port 8080. I fixed that in the config, logging in again, I noticed that the queue dropdown list was no longer being populated in quick ticket creation. The field was blank. No “General” queue and nothing in the drop down list. I logged out, logged in as root, and there it was. I added a queue to the list, logged back in as user, no list, completely empty. Back as root, both items were in the list again.


I out the config item that was causing the cross reference error, but it did not fix the problem. Now it doesn’t matter whether or not it’s set, the queue list is not being populated when I am logged in as a user. All the queue entries are there when I log in as the rt root user though.


Of course, the obvious conclusion is that it has nothing to do with that setting, something else is causing the problem, but I have no idea what that might be.

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