[rt-users] 4.4.1 autocreate on submission error

Aaron Zuercher aaron.techgeeks at gmail.com
Wed Jul 27 09:56:53 EDT 2016

I've been using RT since 3.x days and last week I moved from 4.2.12 to
4.4.1.   I thought all was working OK as I was receiving tickets but
apparently new users can't submit tickets via email.   This was all working
properly with previous versions using the ldap plugins.  During upgrade
there I went into MySQL and nulled the values in "ExternalContactInfoId"
and "ExternalAuthID" to get the upgrade to complete.

here is some log data from the failed submission:

 [debug]: RT::User::CanonicalizeUserInfoFromExternalAuth called by RT::User
/opt/rt4/sbin/../lib/RT/User.pm 699 with: Comments: Autocreated on ticket
submission, Disabled: , EmailAddress: user at domain.org, Name: user at domain.org,
Privileged: , RealName: Jones, User (/opt/rt4/sbin/../lib/RT/User.pm:735)
[4255] [Mon Jul 25 19:25:24 2016] [info]:
RT::User::CanonicalizeUserInfoFromExternalAuth returning Address1: Finance,
City: Administration Office, Comments: Autocreated on ticket submission,
Country: , Disabled: , EmailAddress: user at domain.org, ExternalAuthId:
JonesU, Gecos: JonesU, Name: JonesU, Organization: , Privileged: ,
RealName: User, State: , WorkPhone: , Zip:
[4255] [Mon Jul 25 19:25:24 2016] [warning]: DBD::mysql::st execute failed:
Unknown column 'ExternalAuthId' in 'field list' at
/usr/local/share/perl5/DBIx/SearchBuilder/Handle.pm line 586.
[4255] [Mon Jul 25 19:25:24 2016] [warning]: RT::Handle=HASH(0x7f07508)
couldn't execute the query 'INSERT INTO Users (Comments, City, RealName,
State, EmailAddress, Password, WorkPhone, Zip, id, Organization,
LastUpdated, Creator, Gecos, Country, LastUpdatedBy, Address1, Created,
Name, ExternalAuthId) VALUES (?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?,
?, ?, ?, ?)' at /usr/local/share/perl5/DBIx/SearchBuilder/Handle.pm line

[4516] [Mon Jul 25 19:13:15 2016] [error]: Could not create a new user -
Comments-Autocreated on ticket submission-City-Administration
Office-RealName-Heather-State--EmailAddress-user at domain.org-Gecos-JonesU-Password-*NO-PASSWORD*-Country--Address1-Finance-WorkPhone--Zip--Organization--Name-JonesU-ExternalAuthId-JonesU
[4516] [Mon Jul 25 19:13:20 2016] [critical]: Failed to create user
user at domain.org: Could not create user (/opt/rt4/sbin/../lib/RT/User.pm:546)
[4516] [Mon Jul 25 19:13:20 2016] [crit]: Permission Denied: You do not
have permission to communicate with RT

Is the problem the "ExternalAuthID" in mySQL (per the logs)?   or a

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