[rt-users] "Ticketmaster of the day" functionality

Jeffrey Pilant jeffrey.pilant at bayer.com
Wed Jul 27 14:17:33 EDT 2016

Christopher Kunz wrote:
> what's the easiest way to implement a functionality where
> - one person per day is made "Ticket master" and receives all incoming
> new tickets as well as replies to unowned tickets
> - Nobody else receives these mails
> - Across several queues (3-5)
> Can this be accomplished using a scrip?
> Would I be better off just forwarding all mail to a specific mail alias
> (a CC or AdminCC with a role contact like ticketmaster at mycompany.com),
> and then updating that mail alias daily?

Don't do it this way.  You will end up with missed new ticket email scattered across multiple email accounts.

Make a dedicated account to log in as that handles this role.  It can be assigned to a new person each day, and any missed emails will still be in the inbox (or spam folder) for later retrieval.  You may be able to set up access from other users (like a secretary can access the boss's email).  This secondary access could be assigned each day as well.  If you have secondary access, you may not need to add/remove people to access, since any activity should be recorded by the user's own account.  If they have to log in as that particular special user, you lose some of that accountability.  It may not be important to you.

Create a user group for this role in RT as well.  Each day, assign whichever member is handling things to that group and un-assign the previous person.  All rights for dealing with such tickets belong to the group, so you don't have to mess with user permissions.  Each transaction gets logged against the user, not the group, so you know who did what.


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