[rt-users] Running RT at /rt rather than / with Nginx

Christian Loos cloos at netcologne.de
Thu Mar 3 02:50:13 EST 2016


the docs says for $WebBaseURL "Usually you don't want to set these
options" [1].
Remove $WebBaseURL config and set $WebDomain to 'mysite.com' and
everything should be fine.
If you use SSL, remember to also set $WebPort to 443.


[2] https://www.bestpractical.com/docs/rt/4.2/RT_Config.html#WebDomain

Am 29.02.2016 um 23:14 schrieb François Meehan:
> Set($WebPath, "/rt");
> Set($WebBaseURL, 'http://mysite.com');

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