[rt-users] Alternative GUIs for RT?

Vegard Vesterheim vegard.vesterheim at uninett.no
Thu Mar 10 08:36:12 EST 2016

Some of our users find the RT web gui complex, and also ineffective for
some use-cases. I have been tasked to investigate alternative GUIs
for RT.

The "criticism" relates to the fact that some fields are irrelevant for
some users and should be possible to suppress, and also that the default
ticket display does not allow editing the fields directly. We are
considering creating a new ticket display page which combines the
contents from Basics (Ticket/Modify.html) and History
(Ticket/History.html). This is fairly easy to implement, I guess. Maybe
one could even add a user preference for default ticket display page.

BTW, I am aware of the Jumbo option, and I also know that the latest
version (4.4) can suppress display of unused fields. The mobile UI is
also a possible solution to the complexity concern.

My questions to the list, however, are of a more general nature:

  Has anyone considered/implemented/used any alternative GUIs for
  manipulating RT tickets?

- Vegard V -

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