[rt-users] which Perl version should one use with RT 4.4 on CentOS 6

Chris Groome chris.groome at moodmedia.com
Fri Mar 18 10:11:41 EDT 2016

Hi Jerome,
First I want to apologize. I do not check my 'lists' every day. I hope you
have already found your answer by now. If not,,,
For my install I had a museum piece server and yet, its used every day. So
they need new HW and OS but old DB SW for a quick transition rather than
importing the data into a new ver install.(there done with background)
So new HW with centOS 6.5 using the std perl-5.10.1-136.el6.x86_64
but running rt-3.8.4
The key for my install was resolving dependencies by running the following:
perl sbin/rt-test-dependencies --with-postgres --with-modperl1 --install
(30min later the command finished with the following issues)
I saw messages like this too: Warning: Prerequisite 'Exception::Class =>
1.15' for 'DROLSKY/HTML-Mason-1.56.tar.gz' failed when processing
'DROLSKY/Exception-Class-1.40.tar.gz' with 'make_test => NO'. Continuing,
but chances to succeed are limited.
and this: Syntax error on line 1046 of /usr/local/apache/conf/httpd.conf:
Can't locate RT/Extension/ForkTicket.pm in @INC (@INC contains:
It could not locate it because it was not on the server
So with the above and below messages I knew I had a pyramid of dependencies
to resolve and I needed to start with the smallest and work my way to the
very top  installing them all. It took a small time really to get them all.
Install module Net::Server
Net::Server is up to date (2.008).

SOME DEPENDENCIES WERE MISSING. <==and by the way some of the missing had
missing for them too.
ICAL missing dependencies:
MAILGATE missing dependencies:
STANDALONE missing dependencies:
        HTTP::Server::Simple >= 0.34...MISSING
        HTTP::Server::Simple::Mason >= 0.09...MISSING
GPG missing dependencies:
POSTGRESQL missing dependencies:
        DBD::Pg >= 1.43...MISSING
CORE missing dependencies:
        HTML::Scrubber >= 0.08...MISSING
MASON missing dependencies:
        HTML::Mason >= 1.36...MISSING
http://perldoc.perl.org/perlmodinstall.html <==Read this for installing Dep
I hope this helps.
Sincerely, Chris

On Wed, Mar 16, 2016 at 12:30 PM, Jerome <jerome at ibt.unam.mx> wrote:

> Dear Cris Groome,
> You've wrote this answer:
> "I upvote Martin's answer. He gave you the version and the proper
> technique to achieving it."
> Would you be nice to send me too your "howto" about specific perl install
> for RT?
> Regards.
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