[rt-users] Automated time tracking

ktm at rice.edu ktm at rice.edu
Tue Mar 29 14:18:50 EDT 2016

On Tue, Mar 29, 2016 at 02:14:01PM -0400, Barton Chittenden wrote:
> I was wondering if anyone knows of plugins that would allow for automatic
> tracking of time worked. There seem to be several plugins that create
> different interfaces for manually entering time (see
> https://metacpan.org/search?q=RT%3A%3AExtension+time&search_type=modules),
> but I'm looking for something more like https://toggl.com/ -- a wrapper
> around a javascript timer that will dump into the ticket's time worked.
> Has anyone developed anything like that?
> Thanks,
> ---Barton

Hi Barton,

I believe that RT 4.4 includes that functionality.


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