[rt-users] RT::Crypt::GPG with gpg-agent

Peter Viskup skupko.sk at gmail.com
Wed Mar 30 07:52:14 EDT 2016

Hello all,
just trying to figure how to setup RT with use of gpg-agent.

Tried to start gpg-agent this way:

root at server:~# gpg-agent --daemon --pinentry-program
/usr/bin/pinentry-curses --home /opt/rt4/var/data/GnuPG

And then in RT_SiteConfig.pm:
Set( %GnuPG,
        Enable => 1,
        OutgoingMessagesFormat => 'RFC',
        AllowEncryptDataInDB => 0

Set( %GnuPGOptions,
        'digest-algo'   => 'SHA512',
        'use-agent'    => undef,
        'gpg-agent-info'=> '/opt/rt4/var/data/GnuPG/.agent-socket',
        'no-permission-warning' => undef,
        'homedir'       => '/opt/rt4/var/data/GnuPG'

Set( @MailPlugins =>

Unfortunately it didn't work.

The gpg-agent-info option need to have the values which change with
every gpg-agent execution.

It could be possible to use write-env-file option and then read the
file by RT. Is it possible to extend the RT_SiteConfig.pm that way it
will read the file and fill the gpg-agent-info value in GnuPGOptions

Any other thoughts?

We are running GnuPG version 1.4.12, GnuPG agent version 2.0.19 and
latest release of RT 4.2.


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