[rt-users] Alternative GUIs for RT?

Andrew Ruthven andrew at etc.gen.nz
Thu Mar 31 17:49:09 EDT 2016

Hi Vegard,

On Thu, 2016-03-10 at 14:36 +0100, Vegard Vesterheim wrote:
> My questions to the list, however, are of a more general nature:
>   Has anyone considered/implemented/used any alternative GUIs for
>   manipulating RT tickets?

At my employer - Catalyst IT [0] - we have a public cloud offering
using OpenStack. We've added a panel to the OpenStack web management
interface (called Horizon) for creating, viewing and manipulating RT
tickets. It is pretty basic, but provides a much simpler interface for
our customers.

I can provide screenshots, and I expect the code if anyone is


[0] http://catalyst.net.nz

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