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Joel Bergmark joel.bergmark at t3.se
Wed May 11 03:22:06 EDT 2016

Thanks Brent,

We realized that this way is a good way for us to proceed, there were some backwards thinking on the requirements for communication from the CRM.

Thank you for the input :-)

Regards, Joel

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Ämne: RE: API - Forward/Vb externally

I hope I'm not oversimplifying and missing something here, but this seems to me like it is built into RT.

I'd think the best way would be to have the auto notifications turned on for the CRM queue.  Even if the Requestor of the ticket has an external email address, RT should send that user an email telling them they have a new ticket.

In reading your initial email, it sounds like you might have a queue that sometimes CRM tickets go into (with an external Requestor), but not all tickets in that queue should get auto-replies?
If that is true, maybe you can use a scrip something like this:
Condition:  User Defined
Action:  Notify Requestors
Template:  Autoreply in HTML
Applies to:  CRM Queue
add a Custom Condition something like this (completely untested!):

return 0 unless $self->TransactionObj->Type eq "Create";

my $Ticket = $self->TicketObj;
my $Requestors = lc($self->TicketObj->RequestorAddresses);
$RT::Logger->debug("Requestors for ticket #:" . $Ticket->id . " are: $Requestors");

foreach my $Person (split(',', $Requestors)) {
    return 1 if ( $Person  !~ m/@example\.com/i<mailto:m/@example\.com/i> );

#  NO ONE WITH AN EXTERNAL ADDRESS (e.g. NOT "example.com"), SO
return 0;

Alternatively, you could use a custom field (containing external email address) that is only populated if it was created from CRM, and make a scrip that fires on that condition (e.g. email address is present in that field), sending a notification to that address, but then you would may end up designing all sorts of triggers and conditions to handle other built-in RT functionality for external requestors?

-          Brent

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Hi again,

Made a small but ugly flowchart on how i would like it to work. I also found several people asking for similar functionality. Does anyone know if this is possible with RT today? (Either create ticket then auto forward, or create ticket then use the api on that ticket to forward externally)?


Regards, Joel

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Ämne: [rt-users] API - Forward/Vb externally

Hi everyone,

Just looking for some suggestions, we are in the processes of implementing our CRM system to talk to the REST API, and I got stuck a bit on the best way to use the API to create a ticket and then forward the information in the ticket to external party by email.

In our case we have 15 different Queues that different departments work in, many of them are for both internal (RT/CRM) and external communication. And some of them does not really fit for "On create autoreply to requestors".

Have anyone of you guys set up a similar thing, or does anyone have a better way to do this?

Regards, Joel.

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