[rt-users] "Hidden" tickets suddenly appear

Jim Brandt jbrandt at bestpractical.com
Tue Nov 8 11:12:41 EST 2016

On 11/8/16 10:37 AM, Jeff Blaine wrote:
>> You need to find out what is preventing the ticket from showing up in
>> your query. One of your AND conditions may not be met so the ticket
>> does not show up. Are you saving your Email that is creating the missed
>> tickets? You could try submitting a similar Email to see if it has the
>> same visibility problem. Also, do you have any customizations? Sometimes
>> a change can have unusual ramifications down the line.
> Another "hidden" ticket appeared last week (11/4) in the search results.
> It is ~7 months old.
> * Ticket has zero transactions

Rights could also cause this, assuming you're not running as a 
SuperUser. Every ticket would at least have a "Ticket created" 
transaction, but if you're not seeing it, it could be that some rights 
are limiting your view of ticket history and possibly seeing the ticket 
itself based on some criteria.

It would be worth looking at the ticket as a SuperUser just to make sure 
you're seeing all of the history.

> * Ticket is in 'new' status as expected. Never had a different
>   state.
> * Ticket is owned by 'Nobody in particular' (aka account name
>   'Nobody') as expected for a ticket with no transactions. Never
>   had a different owner.
> * Ticket is in 'atcc-help' queue. Never had a different queue.
> * All criteria above match the search query below fully:
>     Queue = 'atcc-help'
>     AND
>        (
>           Status = 'new'
>           OR Status = 'open'
>           OR Status = 'stalled'
>        )
>     AND (
>            Owner = 'Nobody'
>            OR Owner = 'jblaine at our.org'
>         )
> Yet it sat hidden for ~7 months, not showing in the search results,
> and then popped into view Friday 11/4.
> We do not have any homebrew customizations at all for *this* RT
> instance.
> We use RT::Extension::Nagios and RT::Extension:Assets.
> I can't really picture how we could reproduce this failure scenario.

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