[rt-users] Resolved tickets per user per day, and Time worked per user per day

Dion Gullotta Dion.Gullotta at faredge.com.au
Mon Nov 21 17:59:23 EST 2016


I’m looking to generate two reports containing

-          Resolved tickets per user per day

-          Time worked per user per day

Anyone know the best way of getting these? There’s apparently a scrip that ships by default with 4.4 to display some time worked stats but since we’re an upgrade we don’t have it in our install.

I’ve installed the timeworked and activity report extensions. The timeworked report will do what I am looking for “on demand” but I was hoping to automate it on a daily basis and produce a “push” report.

I’m also still looking for a resolved tickets per user per day report, if anyone knows more info about this.


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