[rt-users] Looking for users of RT 4.4 that use the Asset feature

Joop jvdwege at xs4all.nl
Tue Nov 29 15:36:45 EST 2016

On 29-11-2016 20:51, john boris wrote:
> Good Day,
> My department is looking to replace our current Ticket/asset
> management system. I have been using RT on a small basis to handle my
> own Support requests and used the Asset Management add on (pre 4.4).
> Our current system used to have an agent that would populate the data
> set for us but lacked some of the info we needed. We were at the mercy
> of the company to add features.
> I am hoping we can roll our own Powershell script to gather the info
> we need and with some other tweaks we can roll our own.My question to
> the list is if anyone is using RT 4.4 with the Asset Management
> feature and would like to share their experience with it. I am putting
> together the proposal to use RT for this replacement. As a ticket
> system I think it is an easy sell but the Asset portion is my tough sell. 
> Anyone who wants to reply can reply off list unless it you feel it is
> relevant to stay on the list. I will post what happens when completed
> (albeit that might not be for a month or so).
I'm/We're using RT-4.4 with Assets which is migrated from the 3trd party
Assets extension and use it quite extensively. As mentioned in the other
reply linking assets from tickets is more tricky than the other way
around. We haven't had time to enhance that.


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