[rt-users] Looking for users of RT 4.4 that use the Asset feature

Emmanuel Lacour elacour at easter-eggs.com
Wed Nov 30 03:40:37 EST 2016

We have a customer using it: as of now 9522 assets (computers, screen,
...) are in the database. Imported from an old system (home made script
pulling from the Oracle database, using RT API) and manual csv import
when needed (using custom script). 568 privileged users, 6128
unprivileged users, 161367 tickets.

Works fine, with as usual small customisation (callbacks, patches and

As others already told, linking assets to existing ticket is not easy,
but we are looking at producting a patch to autocomplete on assets for

Also, would be nice to make a gateway to get assets from fusion
inventory ...

We also have also another small RT instance using Assets for hardware
and contracts (hardware linked to groups that are customers, contracts
linked to hrdwares).

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