[rt-users] Excluding Commands from CommandbyMail parsing

Chris McClement chrisis at bosberaad.com
Sun Oct 2 19:55:53 EDT 2016

I've implemented the CommandbyMail extension (
in my RT 4.4.4 installation. It works well - almost too well!  I am getting
"Extended Mailgate Errors" returned because the plugin is parsing the
message body for "Command: value" (which it is meant to do) and picking up,
in emails forwarded to RT:

"To: xyz at abc.com"
"From: xyz at abc.com"
"sent: the_date_sent"

And trying to process them as commands.

In addition, forwarded emails have "Subject: [Support ID #12345]
some_new_subject" and this is changing the subject of the RT job to the new
subject, which is different from the subject used when the ticket was
originally created.

Is there a way to stop CommandbyMail from parsing "to:" "from" and "sent:"
as commands, or at least configuring it to not return errors when it fails
to match it to a valid command? And is there a way to prevent parsing
"Subject: xxxx" so that my subjects no longer change?
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