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Dimitris Maniadakis chaniadimitris at
Mon Oct 10 08:36:47 EDT 2016

Dear all,
I have installed RT 4.4.1rc1 and need some help on the Assets part.
In the SelfService (unprivileged user) a user can choose an asset and then "Create linked ticket" from "Actions".
This gives the options to set as ticket Requestor either the asset Owner (if set) or the asset Held By (if set) or the asset Contact (if set). This means the user can create a linked ticket as somebody else. Then the user is taken to a partially prefilled ticket creation form.

My question is: 
Is there any way to limit the user to choosing only form its own roles? In particular, I do not want the user to create a ticket and put as Requestor somebody else. I would like each user to have limited options for who to put as Requestor, i.e. put only his account and just choose among its own roles if having more than one (owner, held by, contact).

Thank you,
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